Speedway Australia Licence Number and Expiry Date*
SKAA Club*
What is the maximum height for a kart?*
What is the maximum width for a kart?*
How many springs are required between the header pipe and muffler?*
Where is the kill switch to be mounted?*
What labelling needs to be on the kill switch?*
Are hose clamps permitted for steering shaft lock collars?*
What colour must front and rear numbers be?*
What is the maximum and minimum height of a rear push bar?*
How are the brakes checked for suitable operation?*
What is the maximum diameter and width for kart rims?*
How are the floor pan bolts to be positioned?*
What items other than the kart is a scrutineer responsible for checking?*
What is the minimum size for a seat washer and where must they be fitted?*
Where should the exhaust safety wire be fitted?*
What is the minimum height for a side pod number?*
What should be written in the drivers log book if there are no faults found during scrutineering?*
Explain how front wheel nuts should be checked?*